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Enhancing Student Success Through BNEF Programs

Comprehensive Support System

  • Mentorship: Scholars receive guidance from BNEF professionals who have successfully succeeded in their fields. This network provides diverse perspectives and invaluable career advice.

  • Internships: Donors and mentors arrange internships at leading companies, offering scholars practical experience and professional exposure.

  • Networking Opportunities: Regular introductions to industry leaders and participation in professional events help scholars build a strong network early in their careers.

  • Workshops and Training: Scholars attend workshops on leadership, communication, and other essential skills, ensuring they are well-prepared for future careers.

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Named Scholarships (Requires a 4 year pledge)

  • Scholar Selection Input: Platinum and Diamond donors involved in named scholarships have the unique opportunity to participate in the scholar selection process. This ensures that their values and expectations align with the selected scholars' goals and aspirations.

  • Ongoing Interaction: Named scholarship donors maintain regular interaction with their scholars, including mentorship sessions, progress updates, and participation in key milestones of the scholars’ educational journey.

  • Recognition: Scholars and donors both benefit from recognition in BNEF’s communication materials, fostering a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Additional Benefits and Engagement Opportunities

  • Meet the Scholar: Donors at all levels are invited to an initial award ceremony to meet their scholars and learn about their backgrounds and goals.

  • Mentorship Participation: Donors at Silver Level and above are invited to participate in mentorship sessions, offering guidance and networking opportunities to scholars.

  • Professional Exposure: Donors can arrange internships and introduce scholars to industry events and professional networks, providing practical experience and career insights.

  • Annual Reflection Event: All donors are invited to an annual event to celebrate the achievements of scholars and donors, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.


At BNEF, we are committed to making education accessible and ensuring that every scholar has the opportunity to succeed. By fostering a community of excellence and accountability, we provide the best possible environment for our scholars to thrive. We believe that the most impactful way to inspire and support our scholars is through exemplary role models and a dedicated support network. We are building a future where young black scholars can achieve their dreams and contribute meaningfully to society.

BNEF Donor Pledge Campaign:
"Growing Together, Achieving Success"

In a world where opportunities can shape the future, the partnership between a dedicated donor and a determined scholar becomes a powerful journey of growth, empowerment, and success. BNEF Golf’s "Growing Together, Achieving Success" program is designed to foster this partnership, guiding young black males through their educational journey while deeply engaging donors in meaningful ways. This narrative captures the essence of their shared path, illustrating the transformative impact of mentorship and sustained support.


The Scholar's Journey​

Empowerment Through Education

Meet Colin, a bright and ambitious young student with dreams of becoming an engineer. Colin faced numerous challenges from a young age, but his potential shone brightly. His life took a pivotal turn when he was awarded a BNEF Golf scholarship. The scholarship provided financial support and connected him with a network of mentors from BNEF, professionals who have achieved significant success in their fields.

First Steps: The Initial Award Ceremony

The journey begins at the annual award ceremony, where Colin and Mr. Jensen, his dedicated donor, meet for the first time. This event is more than a formal introduction; it begins a relationship built on mutual respect and shared goals. Mr. Jensen possibly sees Colin as a reflection of his younger self. Still, he can undoubtedly see Colin as a fertile opportunity to plant wisdom and opportunity – a scholar eager, full of potential, and ready to conquer the world.

Building Future Leaders

As the months progressed, Colin's academic achievements and leadership skills flourished. Regular mentorship sessions with BNEF members provide him with diverse perspectives and opportunities. These professionals from various industries share their experiences and networks, helping Colin navigate the complexities of his studies and future career. This collective mentoring approach enhances Colin’s experience, equipping him with the tools and connections needed to succeed.

Internships and Professional Exposure

Mr. Jensen plays an active role in introducing Colin to various organizations and potential career paths. Drawing from his own extensive network, Mr. Jensen arranges internships at leading companies in engineering and technology. These internships not only provide Colin with

The Donor's Journey

For Mr. Jensen, the journey with Colin is profoundly rewarding. From the initial meeting to witnessing Colin's growth, every interaction reinforces the importance of his contributions. The program's structure allows Mr. Jensen to see the tangible results of his support, making his involvement deeply fulfilling. More than just financial support, Mr. Jensen brings opportunities and perspectives that enrich Colin’s educational experience.

Growing Together

Mr. Jensen’s role as a donor goes beyond financial support. He becomes a facilitator of opportunities, introducing Colin to industry events, professional networks, and potential internships. This proactive engagement helps bridge the gap between education and real-world applications, enhancing Colin’s readiness for future challenges. Their relationship is a testament to the theme "Growing Together, Achieving Success." Mr. Jensen's life is enriched by the opportunity to give back, and he gains a renewed sense of purpose from seeing Colin’s accomplishments.

Building Future Leaders

Through workshops, events, and personal meetings, Mr. Jensen and other mentors not only impart knowledge but also learn from Colin’s fresh perspectives. This mutual exchange of ideas fosters a dynamic learning environment, proving that mentorship is a two-way street. The collective effort of the BNEF mentors brings diverse experiences and insights, creating a robust support system for Colin.

Community and Connection

The program also offers Mr. Jensen a chance to connect with other donors and professionals who share his commitment to community development. These connections expand his network and enhance his personal and professional growth. The collective goal is not for self-aggrandizement but to break down economic, social, racial, and institutional barriers, fostering a community of trust, sincerity, and enduring impact.

Innovative Minds, Bright Futures

Witnessing Colin's success at the Innovation Showcase is a proud moment for Mr. Jensen. It validates his belief in the power of education and mentorship. He sees Colin not just as a student but as a future leader who will make significant contributions to society. This collective mentoring approach exemplifies the program's commitment to establishing a community of impact across all professional, communal, and social ranks.

The "Growing Together, Achieving Success" program exemplifies how strategic support and mentorship can create profound and lasting impacts. Colin’s journey from a promising student to an innovative leader, and Mr. Jensen’s rewarding experience as a donor and facilitator, showcase the transformative power of community and sustained support. Together, they are building a brighter future, proving that when we grow together, we achieve success that benefits everyone.


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